Essentials To Be Checked Before You Handover A Construction Project

The successful completion of a construction project is one of the achievements of the contractor and his or her team. The process of planning, costing, analyzing and building is a lengthy process and requires immense collaboration. However, so is the final stage of completing the construction assignment and transferring the ownership of the premise to the client. The building that is being completed cannot be simply being handed over to the client. There are several other requirements that need to be sorted prior to this stage of the building assignment. Who are the professionals responsible in organizing the final procedure prior to the transferring of the premise to clients?

The main individuals involved in this process include the project manager, building contractor, subcontractors, etc. The reports that are documented and submitted to the client, would affect the operation enterprise. This stage is a demanding situation for the contractors, clients and so on. With that said, here are some of the essential things to be examined before the handover:

 Meeting – pre-assignment

Why is a pre-handover meeting essential prior to the transference of the assignment to commence business operations? This meeting is conducted about a month before the final deadline prior to the construction project handover to discuss various aspects. The procedure for handing over the assignment, maintenance manuals, security systems, warranties, certificates, planning the training and so on.

 Registrations/ licenses

There are many documents, which include registrations, licenses, etc. which are required by the standards of the workplace, building Acts and so on. These requirements are given for fuel storage facilities, dangerous plant and machinery, chemical and hazardous goods stores, etc.

 Maintenance/ certification

The maintenance of the project is not included in the construction protocols. It should be dealt with separately. Here the client and the professional maintenance service provider would look into this area. However, the maintenance would be handled by the contractors during the defect liability period. The facility manager would see to the scheduling of maintenance prior to the transference of the project.

 Training sessions

On the other hand, the new building should be functional for the managers, staff, etc., which requires training. Moreover, the life cycle costing study, which is used to calculate the overall costs of various departments, areas, etc. would be useful. The proposed training schedule inclusive of training material and reliability of the sources, etc. would be confirmed.

Are you waiting to start business operations in the newly constructing enterprise? If so, even though the building assignment has almost reached the end, there are other tasks as well. Therefore, understanding the above facts would be useful for clients and contractors. As a fact, you would be able to