Romantic Spots Of The World For A Marriage Ceremony

The world is filled with beautiful places and a variety of areas to select from for a special occasion. Although most people understand that there is a large pool to choose from, there are instances that you are not too sure about making your choice. You can go for a gorgeous indoor ceremony, or at the top of a mountain and even sometimes below sea level. So here are some of the favorites around the world when it comes to holding the ceremony for your special day.

La Maltese in Santorini

Located in the beautiful southern Aegean Sea, the tiny island of Santorini is one of the largest of an archipelago. The island is surrounded by miles of Blue Ocean until you spot the next island of the archipelago. The ‘La Maltese’ of the island is one of the highest rated in the country itself and it only comprises of nine rooms. Each room is highly customized and the hotel provides all the necessities without any issue or preamble. There are grounds, spa and other luxuries that you can enjoy before and after the ceremony. If you plan on having a small ceremony then you get all your needs from guest requirements to the florist from the hotel itself.

Icehotel of Swedish Lapland

The icehotel is one of the more famed destinations for all travellers. The entire hotel is made of ice and the insides are all a cool blue of light reflected off the ice itself. The hotel has its own chapel with an ice altar and pews which are covered by reindeer skin and it comes with a local pastor as well. The hotel is a great and popular spot for happy couple who take their vows with a small party arranged by a local the hotel or yourself and friends. There are packages which include flights, formalities, ceremony requirements and transfers and such for marriage ceremonies.

Coral reef club of Barbados

The word Barbados itself is wonderful to hear for anyone. Barbados island is famous for its wonderful strips of white sand, wonderful waves and shine and pretty much everything when it comes to most beautiful shores of the world. out of the whole selection of hotels and motels in Barbados, the ‘Coral Reef Club’ has made itself a name as one of the best spots and beach wedding organizer places in the world. The hotel is colonial style and managed by a family so it makes it easier for you to deal with the various matters involved for planning the ceremony.

Make sure to keep the ceremony small and simple so that you can have ample money to pay off for the hotel for your honeymoon. The newest trend is to have a small wedding which makes most of what you can with your budget.